Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photoshop vs Illustrator

Photoshop vs Illustrator.

Adobe package is one of the most awesome complete graphic packages on the planet:)
The Illustrator and Photoshop are usually most often used and most popular
programs from Adobe house:)

And here comes the question that bothers many new designers taking their first steps into these programs.

What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?

Well before we answer this question, let's have a look at one important fact.
Many designers tend to use PHOTOSHOP for almost everything. This is a program that has capability to actually create every single form of 2 dimensional graphic.

That's why many designers love Photoshop so much that they use it for everything, beginning from photo-retouch to web design, illustration, logotypes and anything else you can imagine.
They are so much in love with Photoshop that they forget about his little brother Illustrator who is much greater and helpful in some particular graphic areas.

So when you are about to choose which of those to pick for creating the project, bear in mind that Photoshop works mainly with pixels, which means that layers when resized loose their quality.

Illutrator works with vectors that allow you to resize vectorized layers freely without loosing quality.
What it means is that Illustrator can make from little tiny low quality picture a nice vectorized large size project.

Also Illustrator is better for creating logotypes and vector drawings commonly used for clothing, poster or flyers printing in thanks to text manipulations and preset styles and vector effects number which is greater than in Photoshop.
In addition the fact that layered objects can be resized without loosing quality allows you further and safer modifications of the project.

On the other hand Photoshop has better capability to blend colors together in order to make projects look more realistic.

To make long story short Photoshop is better for:

-photo retouch
-photo manipulation
-digital paintings
-photorealistic illustrations
-web design
-poster designs involving photo manipulation
-special effects
-projects not requiring size's increase in the future.

Illustrator is better for:

-logo design
-cartoon illustrations
-resizable vector drawings
-vector tracing
-resizable images of objects
-clothing design
-transforming low quality bitmap pictures into
high quality and large vector images.
-working with text

This is my opinion that comes out of my own experience. If you feel different way, feel free:)
Anyway knowing both of these programs is a great benefit that will allow you to create any kind of graphic without struggle.


vector graphics said...

I love designing on Illustrator and still i love photoshop :)

whois domain said...

Very great informative post, i'm using Photoshop actually, when people talking about Adobe Illustrator i was thinking it was the same thing than Photoshop but your article learn me something today, thanks a lot!

Sam said...

I prefer to work with Photoshop but I'll try Adobe. Thank's for helpful post.

Ben said...

So useful topic, for me personally,thank's

khael said...

Thanks for describing the difference between illustrator and photoshop. I've been using photoshop and gimp but I think I should have a go with illustrator.

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