Sunday, October 3, 2010


While creating arts brings me a lot of fun and possibility to express myself, recently I have noticed high demand for web design.
Many new businesses want to come out to the world with their great services and products. The well designed business website makes it possible. Just to announce that I had an opportunity to create a pretty few websites through my professional web design and graphic design agency based in Poland:)
We do the projects for the customers from all over the world.

Apart from web design we also provide SEO (search engines optimization) services to support created websites with high search engines rankings.
Our websites are CMS (content management system) rich which means the clients can easily update the website by adding their own content to it with no any web design knowledge required.
A few examples of our websites:

SEO example:

website for a: " freelance digital artist" keyword. 

If you are looking for website design or SEO services, feel freee to contact me at:

Warmest Regards
Thursday, August 19, 2010

The end of Zombie contest

As promised The Zombie contest that started exactly a month ago, has finally come to the end.

Design has been emailed to all of those who are displayed on the right hand side FOLLOWERS tab of this blog and who confirmed it by leaving a comment including email address under previous post.

That was the only option to qualify for this lovely reward:) There is still a few of you who follow this blog but forgot to include an email address in the comment so I have no idea where to email the design:)
Please enter your email address under this post, otherwise I won't be able to send your reward.

Thank you, have a good one and stay updated for a bunch of future contests:)

Congrats and stay updated for a bunch of new future contests.
Monday, July 19, 2010

Follow This Blog and Get a Sweet Zombie:)

I noticed my litlle lovely brain eater drew your attention pretty much and cheered you up a little bit, so why not to cheer up the others wearing it on your very own T-shirt?
Sounds like a good idea.
So I decided to come up with a little promotion to let you have my zombie for your own in exchange for a small favor on your part.

Here is what you do:

1. Follow this blog by heading to the FOLLOWERS section on the right hand side column, click Follow button and finish the step by step process.
2. Write a comment under this post, including your email address.
3. On 19th August I will make a new post announcing the end of promotion and I will email my full high resolution Zombie Design to those of you who have followed this blog and confirmed that by dropping a comment under this post.

The design (worth 300$) will come in high resolution in PNG and JPG format, to serve you as a poster or fancy t-shirt for instance:). The possibilities with such design are limitless. That will be your own design  and you will be able to do with it whatever you want.

By following this blog you will also stay updated with my future giveaways.

The promotion is valid only for users who complete the steps above and appear in the blog "FOLLOWERS" section visible in the right navigation bar.

So don't wait and simply: 
FOLLOW, COMMENT and get that fellow below knocking to your emailbox on 19th AUGUST!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Digital Art Site

I have recently updated my digital arts site with new images
and freebies for download.
Wordpress templates, t-shirts designs and more cool stuff is what you get from my website.
Have a look, bookmark it and enjoy:)
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zombie t-shirt design

I decided to make some cartoon style character recently. Because I was in dark mood, I decided to go for a little scary zombie enjoying a taste of a fresh brain:)

Among so many zombie characters that are scary as hell I made mine my own way. Giving some humorous twist to it I made it serve great as a t-shirt design.
For a men's t-shirt click here
For a women's version click here

My little scary guy is also available for download in large printable format.
Just click the image on the left hand side.
Monday, May 31, 2010

Graphic Designs for Download.

Recently I contributed Shutterstock with new images, that are available for download right after logging in. Shutterstock is a great resource of photographs, drawings and graphic designs that you can download for any purpose you want. This is a great time saver for those who are about to create the project but don't want to spend time on designing everything themselves. With designs ready to download you save a lot of time by getting a part of the job done for you.
The various license types allows you to use images for commercial and non commercial purposes.

Click the image below and enjoy:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Wordpress Templates

There are loads of free wordpress templates available on the net. So why wouldn't I drop a few extra ones into the bag?:)

From now you can have an access to my new page where I store free wordpress themes available for instant download. I've just come up with a few for good start off and will be adding new ones frequently.

So feel free to visit this link, download the theme of your choice or all of them at once to make your blog more oudstanding than ever before.
Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mixing 2D and 3D Graphics

Some designers stick to one specific graphic program working with it's limitations and when it comes to create something more advanced like a 3d looking image in 2d graphic application, they bite nails wondering how to make it.

The solution is mixing capabilities of a few programs. We have so many great 2d and 3d graphic
applications so why not to get the most from each of them and drop on one project?

Mixing 2d and 3d graphics can bring really outstanding effects to your artwork that will make viewers feelamazed and wondering how the image was done.

The nature of 3d programs is their ability to render realistic looking 3d scenes along
with lights and natural shadows.
2d programs like Photoshop for example are great for adjusting colors and giving final touches
to the still images in order to increase their visual appearance.

You can take the capabilities of both to your advantage.

Just use your favorite 3d graphic software and render a simple scene with a few lights
and shadows to the still image format. Open it in 2d graphic program and drop for instance a cut silhouette of yourself on the background. A Few color adjustments and you get ready to go with the image.

Using 2d graphic programs you can easily add fast and nicely looking effects to the 3d renderings such as:
textures, color changes, contrast or additional lighting that could take hours to get rendered in 3d application.

Summarizing 2d and 3d graphic applications can be powerful weapon in hands of designer. When capabilities of both are mixed the right way, the results may be amazing and imagination only a limit.


Open your favorite 3D graphic application.
In my case that's Blender a free and powerful 3D graphic program.

I added an extruded text using a text tool and extrude object tool.
This way I got a nice and simple 3D text object dropped on a plane (which serves as a floor).

Now it's time to render the picture.
If you're not happy with results you can always rearrange objects on the scene the way you want and ajdust the light to fit it better.
It takes some testing before getting good results.

I opened the rendered scene and photograph in Photoshop. Next I cut silhouette off the background of the photograph using polygonal lasso tool.
I pasted silhouette onto the rendered background and adjusted it's position.

Now it's time for a brush play:)
I created new layer and set the blending mode to OVERLAY and painted some colors overlayed on the numbers using simple brush.

After all I erased excessive parts of the color. Next I painted cracks using crack brushes set to give to the numbers an old stone feel.
Final touches like contrast increase a few more brushes here and there, erasing some parts of brushed colors along the edges in unwanted areas and design comes up like this:

Have a fun mixing 2D and 3D :)
Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cheap Wordpress Themes For Sale

I do love Blogger as much as Wordpress. Nonetheless these are quite opposite blogging platforms they both serve quality, functionality and ease of blogging.

However to make the most out of blogging and impress your readers, having custom designed layout is a must.

Recently I had an opportunity to design a few Wordpress Themes For Sale.

My original designs of the wordpress themes will surely satisfy every blogger and will replace his boring default theme with something fresh and eye catching.

No matter whether you blog for hobby or for business having your own custom wordpress theme is an important factor to stay unique and attract more readers.
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Freelance T-shirt Designer

As we have warm spring already people tend to wear short sleeve top wear.
This is the best time to put on fancy t-shirts with cool designs.

When it comes to t-shirt designs, there are many shops offering custom tees with original and stylish pictures on them.

Where do they get such nice designs from?
Well the answer is simple. Most of businesses hire freelance t-shirt designers to get cool, and original design concepts.

Freelance t-shirt designer with experience in clothing industry knows how to make design outstanding, catchy and easy for t-shirt printing.

Designer is able to make signature designs for particular company using various techniques and styles he worked out through the years.

If you are a person who is entering into clothing business and you want to stand out of the crowd with custom, original and beautifully desinged images on your clothes, then hiring a good freelance t-shirt designer is your first and most important step to get noticed.
Getting design on your t-shirts that customers will enjoy is significant factor to build powerfull, recognizable and profitable clothing brand.
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photoshop vs Illustrator

Photoshop vs Illustrator.

Adobe package is one of the most awesome complete graphic packages on the planet:)
The Illustrator and Photoshop are usually most often used and most popular
programs from Adobe house:)

And here comes the question that bothers many new designers taking their first steps into these programs.

What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?

Well before we answer this question, let's have a look at one important fact.
Many designers tend to use PHOTOSHOP for almost everything. This is a program that has capability to actually create every single form of 2 dimensional graphic.

That's why many designers love Photoshop so much that they use it for everything, beginning from photo-retouch to web design, illustration, logotypes and anything else you can imagine.
They are so much in love with Photoshop that they forget about his little brother Illustrator who is much greater and helpful in some particular graphic areas.

So when you are about to choose which of those to pick for creating the project, bear in mind that Photoshop works mainly with pixels, which means that layers when resized loose their quality.

Illutrator works with vectors that allow you to resize vectorized layers freely without loosing quality.
What it means is that Illustrator can make from little tiny low quality picture a nice vectorized large size project.

Also Illustrator is better for creating logotypes and vector drawings commonly used for clothing, poster or flyers printing in thanks to text manipulations and preset styles and vector effects number which is greater than in Photoshop.
In addition the fact that layered objects can be resized without loosing quality allows you further and safer modifications of the project.

On the other hand Photoshop has better capability to blend colors together in order to make projects look more realistic.

To make long story short Photoshop is better for:

-photo retouch
-photo manipulation
-digital paintings
-photorealistic illustrations
-web design
-poster designs involving photo manipulation
-special effects
-projects not requiring size's increase in the future.

Illustrator is better for:

-logo design
-cartoon illustrations
-resizable vector drawings
-vector tracing
-resizable images of objects
-clothing design
-transforming low quality bitmap pictures into
high quality and large vector images.
-working with text

This is my opinion that comes out of my own experience. If you feel different way, feel free:)
Anyway knowing both of these programs is a great benefit that will allow you to create any kind of graphic without struggle.
Monday, April 26, 2010

Graphic Designer for Hire

There are loads of graphic designers specializing in various computer graphic areas.
Many of them are associated with large design companies, while others prefer to work freelance for various clients.
Usually designers are wide open for new challenges when it comes to create good looking arts and designs.

So when should you start looking for graphic designer for hire?
Well you might be a person who needs some little nice looking project which you want to be unique and different than anything else around. Maybe you are a person who is busy running a business not having time to manage visual side of it by yourself and needs for instance advanced design of website or advertising material.
No matter which of the above persons you are, you definitely should hire graphic designer.

By letting him do the work for you, you make sure that the project will be professional and you will save a lot of time which you can spend on other activities.

When it comes to hire artist or graphic designer, you should look for one who represents particular skills in the computer graphic category which your expected design falls into.

The easiest way to do it is to browse portfolios of different artists in order to compare their work and style with your own expectations. Then select a few ones in order to further narrow results to only one designer whose portfolio suits you best.

The pricing might be different. While one designer will charge per project another one will set the rate per hour. Both pricing methods are good as amount of time and effort that designer puts into project should be much respected. Professional graphic design isn't an area where you should battle for big price downcuts if you are looking for quality.

Respect all the above, appreciate the talent and hard work of designer and you will find the one who will beauty up your business.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Digital Arts

When it comes to arts I never stop doing them. Whether I do commission work or just personal piece I try to put as much creativity and exspression to i it as I can.
In result my gallery gets updated frequently with new digital arts and designs.
This is the crucial factor for every single graphic designer. If you are good, remember that you can be even better by improving design skills you've not mastered yet.
I'm still working out the way to freely move between various graphic design styles. The learning process never ends and new skills to gain are out there:)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Freelance Graphic Design

Nowadays there is as many graphic design jobs available online as amount of designers seeking for them.

In result the computer graphic market is quite competitive, that why as a good freelance graphic designer you need to be the one who stands out of the crowd to get noticed.

Some artists specialize in particular categories of digital arts. While the one is much into commercial design such as: advertising spots or web design the other one is more creative in illustration.

It's hard to be multi talented in all aspects of digital arts, that's why choosing speciality and working towards it is what it's all about.
If you want to be a good designer who receive a lot of commission work, improve your skills in particular CG area. Once you master it you can always try to learn something new if you have some extra time.
However while browsing portfolios it's not hard to notice that usually different artists represent
their own particular style worked out and mastered through the years and that makes their work outstanding and unique in front of the other designers.

So the point is that the artist who tries to be good at every possible computer graphic area usually ends up on being average on it as it's hard to spread the skills and time doing quality projects from "different shelf" at the same time.
Unless the one is that talented:)

Creating the own style in particular CG area you mostly enjoy and improving your skills in it will bring you customers hungry for your projects and make your work noticable as there is high demand on every single kind of digital arts.
Monday, March 29, 2010

Digital Art Site Is Out

I've launched my new website

digital art site.

I store on there my personal graphic projects I've created so far.

Feel free to visit my website and enjoy.

Welcome To My Graphic Design Blog

Hello and welcome to my graphic design blog.
My name is Dan and I'm a freelance graphic designer enjoying what he's doing:)
I've been doing digital arts for several years now. My work ranges from 3d illustration to clothing design and animation.
I will try to keep this blog up to date with my new artworks and designs.

Feel free to drop by and enjoy.

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